Preliminary feasibility study: Telemalta sites at Paceville

Date : 1997
Client : Telemalta Corporation


The study area covered Telemalta sites in Paceville, namely Pender Place, Mercury House and the adjoining triangular site; sites referred to in the Development Brief issued in 1997.

The potentials of these three sites as focal points for major development projects emanate from various factors, mainly (1) their proximity to Regional Road, a main arterial road, (2) their central position in Malta's main entertainment area, and (3) the large extent of the sites which allows comprehensive development.


Three Development Briefs were prepared until 1997, by the regulatory planning authority, to serve as guidance on planning related issues which development/s had to address. The scope of the Preliminary Feasibility Study was to evaluate the viability of the latest brief, economic and otherwise.


The 1997 Development Brief recommended mixed development on site with underground car parking facility, commercial outlets, offices, public open space, retail and residential uses. A common underground car-park linking Pender Place and Mercury House sites was suggested. The car-park was identified as central and critical to the overall development of Paceville as a whole. The main use for Pender Place was identified as residential and offices around a central landscaped space. The triangular site would be reserved for office development. Mercury House, being listed as Grade II building, and the adjacent new exchange building were to be retained. Any proposed designs were to compliment the setting of the listed building. Acceptable uses of Mercury House were identified to be of a commercial nature, such as cafes and restaurants, with an element of social/community utility, such as a Police Station and Tourist Information Office. A two storey feature next to the exchange building, to be used for retail and leisure, was also suggested. The overall design of the development was suggested to be of a high standard, and contemporary design was to be encouraged.

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