Interim engineered landfill

Date : 2004
Client : Qrendi Local Council

The location of the hardstone quarries of Ix-Xagħra tal-Magħlaq and Il-Qasam il-Kbir is within one of the few areas in the Maltese Islands bearing a rich conglomeration of cultural and natural features, creating a setting high in visual amenity, especially the panoramic view of Filfla. This makes it a popular recreational activity site, both for locals and foreigners. The high touristic and educational importance of the area has long been endorsed by key players of tourism, education and culture in Malta.

The hardstone quarries at Ix-Xagħra tal-Magħlaq and Il-Qasam il-Kbir fell into disuse following the respective refusal for planning extensions of existing mineral extraction operations in 1994. The former lies within the boundaries of Siġġiewi Local Council whereas the latter falls within the boundaries of Qrendi Local Council. The entire area is located in a geocultural setting spreading over six millennia. Furthermore, along the side of the Magħlaq Valley, known for well preserved Pleistocene deposits, there are several early Christian catacombs. The area is marked with well established steppe and garigue, each with typical perennials of Red Data Book Status. Dominant species present are all endemic, some with highly restricted distribution. The area also has a rich faunal legacy.

WasteServ Malta Ltd. submitted an application for the restoration of these disused quarries by infilling with inert and non-hazardous waste. An environmental impact assessment was undertaken by the developer and Qrendi Local Council requested an independent evaluation of this study.

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