Grand Harbour initiatives

Date : 2008

Sa Maison roundabout

In 2008, central government wanted to revamp the touristic and economic activity in the inner harbour region. It published a number of proposals and initiatives in 2007 to promote its image for the future of this region.

City Gate

Public agencies in Malta were requested to draw up a number of proposals for the Grand Harbour region, ranging from Sliema waterfront, all along the local councils adjacent to the littoral, up to and including Fort Ricasoli in Kalkara. Some of these proposals included Gżira waterfront and Manoel Island bridge, Msida breakwater and waterfront, Sa Maison roundabout, Pinetum and terminal, Fort St Elmo, Grand Harbour breakwater, rehabilitation of Menqa, cruise liner terminal at Senglea, Kalkara bay and Rinella valley. Other proposals included the conversion of Auberge de Bavière into a Regional Headquarters for the Mediterranean and the proposed re-development of City Gate and the site of the former Royal Opera House.

Sa Maison terminal

The objective of this request was to have a holistic, sustainable development which improves and transforms the environment of the inner harbour region, a region catering for over a third of the population on mainland Malta. The selection of the proposals was not a matter of compiling a list but a compilation of a set of initiatives which would have a positive domino effect on the socio-economy, both macro and micro, of the localities affected, and on neighbourhoods within other local councils from which most of the labour force would be drawn.