Malta Millenium Project

Date : 1997
Client : Telemalta Corporation

In a preliminary traffic impact assessment, the salient aspects of a full traffic impact assessment are examined. By identifying potential problems with the nature of the development in its environs, prior to any detailed design or allocation of land uses, a full assessment of traffic requirements can help designers to keep transport requirements in mind.


The sites comprised a high proportion of open space, interspersed with low level development then operated by TeleMalta Corporation. Only employees and visitors to the TeleMalta Exchange made use of these sites.

The site for the proposed Malta Millennium Project was located in a highly traffic sensitive area. In total, the site footprint occupied some 30,000m² and, for the purposes of this preliminary traffic impact assessment, had been split into three main development zones, namely; Pender Place (18,500m²), Mercury House (10,550m²) and a triangular site (600m²). It was proposed that access to all three zones in the development site would be from St. Andrew's Road.

The proposed development sites were situated on either side of St. Andrew's Road, between St. George's Road and Regional Road. The size and type of the development, coupled with the existence of other significant developments existing and proposed for the area, would have had a significant impact on regional traffic infrastructure. With increased tourism and fast-growing residential units developed at St Julians, St Andrews, Pembroke, Madliena and Tal-Ibraġġ, the highway impact of the development was estimated to be considerable. Highway upgrade could be required on a wide-area basis on Regional Road, from Tal-Qroqq to St. Andrew's, to accommodate network growth and other traffic-generating development in the area.

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