Rehabilitation facility and day hospital

Date : 2007
Client : Architect Frank Muscat(The Doric Studio)

The Malta Environment and Planning Authority requested a Traffic Impact Statement in conjunction with the proposed construction of a new rehabilitation facility and a day hospital, Luqa, by the Ministry for Health, the Elderly and Community Care, as per master-plan and drawings prepared by Architect Frank Muscat. The proposed development included a mortuary and an Enemalta substation in the immediate vicinity of St Vincent de Paule Residence for the Elderly at Triq l-Ingieret, Luqa.

Luqa Hospital

The aim of a traffic impact statement was three-fold: to investigate the distribution of traffic within the study area of the proposed development, to investigate the likely effects that the proposal would have on the traffic flow and to investigate the likely effects that the projected traffic counts would have on the efficient utilisation of the proposal.

A preliminary study was undertaken to identify the peak traffic flows at a number of junctions, which junctions were identified in liaison with the Transport Planning Unit within the Planning Directorate of the Malta Environment and Planning Authority.

The number of cars, heavy vehicles and motorcycles were recorded on an hourly basis. Given the insignificant number of pedestrians and other means of transport, such as bicycles and horse-driven carriages, their impact was negligible and was thus excluded from traffic flow computations. Hourly traffic peaks for each traffic flow were identified using the peak formula for the Maltese Islands.

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