Mushroom farm

Date : 2005
Site Area : 1,750m²


One of the most lucrative agrarian products being sought in the central Mediterranean are mushrooms. Mushroom growing requires an infrastructure, building and environment, to support it. It is an agriculture product sensitive to the micro climate where it is grown.

Mushroom growing has been practiced in the Maltese archipelago on an amateurish basis for the past few decades, since it started gaining popularity in local prepared cuisine. Traditionally, they were grown in basements and disused tunnels, sites developed for other uses and which are not quite fitting for mushroom growing. This is testified by the large number of deceases and losses that growers experience when such facilities are used.

The European Union has a number of programmes to aid the agrarian industry to update its quality. This aide includes heavy subsidy on agricultural machinery and equipment including the design and erection of farms, whether for animal husbandry or mushroom growing.


In view of European Union aid, a mushroom growing farm, covering an area of just over 1,750m², was designed to meet the environmental standards in the production and storage of the product. Case studies in Holland were undertaken and the project was developed in line with the specifications furnished by Dutch suppliers. Given the agrarian nature of the project, it was located in a rural area.