Extension to an operating discotheque

Date : 1999
Site Area : 1570m²


The management of a long-established discotheque opted to diversify the use of the facilities to cater for other functions which the premises can support. The premises, outside the scheme for development, consisted of a licensed night club with a large open air area which supports a dance floor in the summer season. It has a large car park adjacent to and linked to the open air area of the club.

Due to the clientele which the club currently addresses, the premises are open from late at night to early in the morning. Thus, during the remaining hours of the day it is closed. This implies under-utilization of such an expensive, sought after premises.

A development proposal to enhance the facilities included the removal of present structures in the open area and the construction of a light weight, permanent building adjacent to the night club to serve as a wedding hall and ancillary facilities to same. The space can be used as an extension to the nightclub when required.


Furthermore, given that such functions are reserved for weekends and on public holidays, the structure and the supporting facilities were designed to serve as a pizzeria for the remaining days of the week. This design optimizes the use of the premises through addressing various clienteles.

The architecture of the proposed extension to house the wedding hall and/or the dining area of the pizzeria is in steel and glass, and contrast with the traditional masonry of the night club. Although the extension has a footprint equal to that of the present nightclub, the height of the structure is significantly lower and is set back from the 3 m high boundary wall by several metres. Landscaping, both soft and hard, was an important design consideration.